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About PURR

About PURR

PURR – where it came from? The very idea has grown quite a long time…

We are a couple madly in love in our she-cat Cleo (and seriously, we are trying to tame each of encountered cats and kittens).

Subconsciously, we have always looked for trinkets, souvenirs with images of these charming animals (refrigerator magnets, mugs, t-shirts, ornaments, etc.) and we realized that in fact there is no place where You can find many different cat-themed products all together. In addition, we realized that, amongst our friends we have some independent artists who have not had the opportunity so far to present themselves to a wider public.

And so the idea for PURR was born.

The store, that has to offer original and nice gifts, interesting works of art, elements of interior design, jewelry and other trinkets, which leitmotif is the CAT – beautiful animal, proud and full of grace. We believe, that there are lots of people who, like us, love these magic, sometimes bit annoying critters.

This place is for You – we hope that when You come here, browse a bit and find just the thing You were looking for – You will not stop there and… browse some more. It’s worth it. We can promise that our feline treasury will continue to grow and we will keep on looking for more original cat-themed items. And all that efforts are to get You Your ideal item.

Apart from tracking cat-themed wonders, we want to focus on quality and originality of offered products and services, and to provide the best customer service possible.

Feline supervision on functioning of PURR shop is in the paws of our Kitty – Cleo, who competently is assisting us at work.

 Kot w szafceKot zamaskowany

Thank You for visiting PURR – we hope to see You again soon Uśmiech



We make sure that our site is user-friendly and offers convenient tools for searching products.

All our products are sorted into CATEGORIES, which helps to narrow down search range to group of products You are actually interested in. In addition, on every page You will find SEARCH ENGINE that smoothly helps You to define specific characteristics of items You are looking for and shows the list of compatible products. Kitty PURR observes, what words You type in search engine and tells us later how to refine the search process.

If You prefer to search resources by price or see the products of a specific author – choose price range or mark desired artist and … voilà!

At the same time – we want to ask You to help us to improve and change for You. We want to provide the best service possible, so if You have any suggestions, ideas or comments – do not leave them for yourself! Share them with us – on email, Skype, Facebook – any place You like. On the other side, there always will be someone, who will read it, answer and make everything PURRFECT for You.