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Terms of Delivery


1. Order fulfilment 

If certain product is available on stock – on its product card You will find the information about estimated order fulfilment time.

Orders placed AND confirmed by link before 12:00 noon are usually dispatched the same day, while orders placed and confirmed after 12:00 noon – are dispatched the next working day.

Note! Orders with delivery by Polish Mail Service or InPost Paczkomaty are forwarded to dispatch until 12:00 noon!  

Orders „cash on delivery” are sent immediately, while „prepayment” orders have to wait for payment to be put down.

If certain product is not available on stock – then probably it has to be imported from the supplier – You will find information on product card about delivery times f.e. “Order fulfilment: 14 days”


2. Delivery times

Usually it takes one working day to deliver Your order (we send today, You receive it tomorrow), however sometimes courier service and mail service (mail service more often) have delays. It is not frequent, but it’s independent from us and it has to be taken into account.

Note! Courier service does not deliver in weekends, however Polish Mail service delivers priority shipments on Saturdays – but this is not the rule.


3. Delivery methods

We send orders using following methods:

a) courier service (mainly UPS by default)

b) Polish Mail PRIORITY service (package/letter)

c) InPost Paczkomaty

d) InPost registered letter

depending on chosen delivery method during placing the order.

When we forward the order to dispatch You will receive email message with information that Your order has been sent and You will be able to track the shipment by the waybill number.  

Average delivery times depending on delivery method:  

•   Courier service UPS – 24 h

•   Polish mail PRIORITY service – 24 h

•   InPost Paczkomaty / InPost registered letter – 1-2 days

•   Worldwide deliveries - 5-7 working days from dispatch

NOTE: If the delivery will be delayed, You have right to deny collecting the shipment, and send information to PURR about the reason of not picking up the delivery.

4. Delivery Policy 

If You have chosen “c.o.d.” method and will not pick up the delivery – next order from You will be accepted only with prepayment.

Ordering again of not collected item will cause charging You for previous shipment cost.

If order fulfillment time will prolong – f.e. from 14 days to 4 weeks we will immediately inform You about that fact and reasons, letting You to decide what will be done with Your order (wait/cancel). 

We have no hidden charges. You will always be able to see the full delivery charges at any stage during shopping or checkout. 

The contents and value of Your order, and Your delivery address may affect the delivery services available.

Delivery times may be affected by Your delivery address.

PURR can have no liability to You where circumstances beyond our reasonable control result in failure or delay to delivery, or damage or defect to goods. However we will do anything reasonable to prevent, minimize and rectify any such occurrences.